The Little Goldfish 1939

A goldfish dreams of living in the ocean, and ends up getting there after being accidentally washed down the drain, then finds that it’s too scary.

Couch & Potatoes 2012

Two TV-watching enthusiasts pioneer a clever way to live on their couch until an unexpected event hurls them back into their youthful past.

Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon 1972

Marco Polo Junior Versus the Red Dragon was Australia's first animated feature film,[2] released in 1972 and directed by Eric Porter. The two sequence directors were Porter's animation director Cam Ford (who had previously worked on the Beatles' Yellow Submarine) and Peter Gardiner.

Passion 1962

The passion for high speed can nowadays almost be seen in the new-born. The film shows that such passion, if not controlled, is self-destructing and even suicidal. At least this is the way Trnka presents it in this satiric story. —

Jet Set 2004

Animated film students vetes a 2004, which is supported by their professor Zeljko Savic

A Lad in Bagdad 1968

While visiting in Baghdad, Woody runs into a a crooked Magic Lamp salesman. The salesman sells a Woody one of his many lamps, but it turns out that this one really is magic & the salesman tries to get it back.

A Peck of Trouble 1968

Woody drives the two park rangers of Gallstone National forest insane by pecking holes in all the trees.

One Horse Town 1968

One Horse Town” is the 165th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically in 1968, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by United Artists. Woody and Sugarfoot try to settle down in a town set in the old west, but Dirty Dan, the town bully, claims that it's a one horse town and chases Woody off. Woody just keeps coming back.

Jerky Turkey 1968

At a matinee show, Junior wins a prize, a pet turkey. But he isn't sure his parents will like it when he returns home. Much to his surprise, Charlie does to want to keep the turkey...exclaiming, "We'll have him for Sunday dinner!" Junior is not eager to have his new pet devoured and protects him from Charlie at all costs. He even tries to disguise the fowl as his friend, Redneck Rudy, a protest singer. Finally, Charlie captures the turkey and beats it senseless. Feeling bad, he revives it and they make up. He decides to have hot dogs for Sunday dinner instead.

Under Sea Dogs 1968

Chilly and Maxie are sleeping in their igloo. A man in a submarine raises the periscope and puts Chilly's blanket on top of the igloo. Later, Chilly and Maxie capture the sub and smoke out the man.

Paste Makes Waste 1968

Charlie, all set for a day's golf game, is horrified to discover it is pouring rain outside. Bessie suggests that since he can't play golf...