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Hermine und die sieben Aufrechten

Hermine und die sieben Aufrechten


***The Best Horror Flick about Hostile Worms Ever Made!*** After the incredible success of Jaws in 1975 "nature runs amok" flicks became real popular for the next decade or so; in fact, they're still being made. "Squirm" was released one year after "Jaws" in late July 1976 in the USA and most other countries in 1977-1978. THE PLOT: A storm downs power lines in a coastal Georgia town, electrifying the wet mud and unleashing millions of 10-18 inch sand worms of the area. City slicker Mick (John Scardino) comes into town to visit redhead Geri (Patricia Pearcy), eldest daughter of a widow (Jean Sullivan). A slow-witted local hick Roger (R.A. Dow) is attacked by the worms and goes mad as slimy creatures attack the citizens over the course of a day and night. The opening claims that the events are based on an actual incident from September 29, 1975. The first time I saw "Squirm" I was about 13 years old and high as a kite (something I don't do anymore) and, man, it scared the you-know-what out of me! I was completely taken in by the story, the eerie mood and Deep South ambiance. I was ENTRANCED. Seeing it again as an adult (and sober), it's understandably not as scary or captivating, but that first viewing won my utmost and eternal respect. "Squirm" was actually shot in the deep South, in Port Wentworth, Georgia (just North of Savannah), and all the actors go for the whole "Southern" bit with aplomb. So the film has a real authentic Southern feel. The story is generally slow-paced but that's okay because the movie only runs 92 minutes. It has loads of atmosphere and a few really creepy scenes, like when the worms attack Roger's face while fishing in a rowboat with Geri. The story isn’t campy at all, as some claim, although there’s some realistic humor. It's pretty much presented in all seriousness; and the acting by the main characters is believable and good (not so much with the peripheral characters). Roger strikes you as a likable genuine country boy before the attack. All of these factors explain how I was able to get swept up in the story and take it seriously (at least as serious as such a story can be taken). It may not be a Grade A film like "Jaws" or "Orca" but it's certainly a quality "B" film, that is, if you have a taste for "nature runs amok" flicks. Don't listen to those who say this is a Grade Z flick. It's not; it’s a well-made B picture. How you will take "Squirm" depends on your personality. Some will find it unintentionally funny or cheesy, while others, like me, will take it seriously and enjoy the eerie air, Southern locations and a few good frights. "Squirm" is effective for the type of film it is. GRADE: B

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