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Ich brauche Dich

Ich brauche Dich
The actress Julia Bach is married to the famous director, Professor Paulus Allmann; however, no one is to know about the marriage. Julia doesn't want a career simply because she has a famous spouse. For that reason, Paulus always has to go on his concert tours alone. It's no wonder then, that he soon starts to feel neglected. These feelings of neglect are encouraged by his ex-wife Hedi, who's always hanging around. When Paulus one day forgets his wife's birthday, she goes on the rampage in the presence of guests. Wounded, Paulus leaves their home. Julia thinks there's only one way to save their marriage: for one year -- until her next birthday -- they are not to see one another. In that period of time, it should be abundantly clear whether they belong together or not.


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