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The plot of Beat The Devil involves a band of four motley characters intent on stealing uranium from British East Africa for a quick profit, in a land deal brokered by the Bogart character,(named Billy Dannreuther). The story begins in an Italian seaport as Bogie and his wife Maria, played by Gina Lollobrigida, wait on the arrival of the four criminals played by Philip Morley (Peterson), Peter Lorre (Julius O'Hara), Ivor Barnard (Maj. Jack Ross), and Marco Tulli (Ravello). From there they plan to sail to Africa. While waiting they meet a British couple going on the same ship, Edward Underdown and Jennifer Jones (who play Harry and Gwendolyn Chelm). The plot is an afterthought though. The film is about eccentric behavior. Philip Morley's character Peterson is a nervous, greedy, bumbling fellow. The two wives develop crushes on each other's husbands. Jennifer Jones as Gwen Chelm is a flighty, happy, imaginative creature of fancy who falls in love with Bogart. The sea captain is a drunkard, and the ship is a rust bucket with a failing oil pump. The steward tells the passengers to return to the lounge. "We're heading to the nearest port, and there seems to be some chance of our making it" he says smiling. If you enjoy relaxed, amusing entertainment, you might like the witty company of this cast of seasoned actors and beautiful actresses.

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